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Welcome to your journey Warrior

Warriors of the Wand is a fantasy based NFT project from the Tower of the Occult Team. It features epic pixel art, immersive lore, and

an amazing community that built their

own discord. Join us!

Roadmap and more below...

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the goal of this project?


Our goal is to build Warriors of the Wand and Tower of the Occult into Blue Chip NFT brands and curate an all inclusive community for fantasy and NFT lovers to co-create an immersive fantasy experience.


What is the purpose of the Warriors of the Wand NFTs?

To expand on the Land of the Occult art and lore, offer quality content for our community, and support future creative offerings from the Land of the Occult team and community.


Is this a game?

This is a gamified NFT project that is building toward several interactive experiences. Our short term plan is to create an infinite runner Warriors of the Wand game where players can accumulate our Cinder token. It will be created at the sold out milestone of our mint.


Our long term plans are for a broader and more immersive game based on self-actualization, magic, and mysticism.


Why isn't this a free mint?

Our vision requires a payed team to build out this unique fantasy brand and support the incredible community that has organically grown around it. 


Will there be staking for the WOTW mint?

We currently have staking in place for the Tower of the Occult NFT set and have plans to expand on and further gamify the current staking model for WOTW.


How many people are on your team?

We are a team of 5 people working with several community members who we also view as part of the team.


What is the FREE mint I see on the roadmap?

That is a secret NFT set of beautiful 4k art that will act as a portal to another place. It is scheduled to be released 6-8 weeks after the WOTW mint.


What does the project have to do with the occult?

The word occult means hidden. Our team appreciates the mystical and magical aspects of life and we draw from the occult and mysticism to create engaging fantasy content with a positive and uplifting theme and purpose. 

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